Your Brand as a Lifestyle

Branded product photography has often times been developed in full-production shoots, with models, location, props, etc. Not only is this costly, but your content can sputter out quickly - social media followers only want to see so many photos from the same shoot. As part of my love of photography, I’m offering to bring your product along with me during my day-to-day life, where I’ll set up on-the-fly product shoots keeping your brand, consumer audience and overall aesthetic in mind.

User-generated content statistically performs very high on social media. Statistically, user-generated posts see a 28% higher engagement rate than standard brand posts (like your product in a studio setting). If your brand isn’t garnering the type of user-generated content you’d like to yet, this is a great alternative: I’ll create your user-generated content. I’ll make your product appear to be used by your target audience.

Here is some work I’ve done for a wine brand with a younger, outdoor-focused target audience. I’ve been bringing their product with me and shooting it in many different outdoor settings, showing it in use and enjoyed by people who likely resonate with their brand.

I charge a flat monthly rate and guarantee a full month’s worth of high-quality imagery to post (around 20 different post-worthy images per month). It’s like getting 20 different lifestyle photoshoots checked off in one month, for the price of one full production shoot. I bring my Canon 5D Mark II around with me wherever I go and ensure that my deliverables are up to your aesthetic and brand standards. I have a background in photography both in studio production settings and outdoor lifestyle settings, so am happy to talk shop if you have something specific in mind for your brand or product.

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