a wild creative & good human.

About me…

I've always been creating.  From craft projects that explode all over the house to honing my professional design skills at the Art Institute of Seattle, creating has always been "it" for me.

I am a full service creative agency with the firm belief that the key to a successful online presence is ENGAGEMENT.  From branding that really grabs people to imagery that gives viewers the urge to hit the like button, I’m on it. I love this stuff.

After branding and helping launch a boutique inn and vineyard in the Willamette Valley, then diving into wine marketing in general, I landed a corporate marketing job in-house for a massive food company. Learning what it takes to build from the ground up and then moving into the fast-paced and high-budget corporate world has made me appreciative of the versatility needed in this crazy world of marketing.

I am thrilled by good branding. The nimbleness that smaller companies have in pushing and redefining their brand is so fun to me. Have your brand dialed, but can’t keep up with social media content? I get it! While social media platforms continue to run on algorithms that are selectively rewarding accounts with high levels of engagement, all of us are left to try and navigate that for our own businesses.  That means now more than ever, your online presence needs to be properly targeted, full of interesting and engaging content and consistently managed and maintained.  Very few companies find that they're able to keep up with these dynamic and ever-changing algorithms, content trends and online community management strategies.  That's where I come in. I’ve been managing social media accounts and creating content for companies since 2015 and have worked with small sole-proprietors all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

I offer full photography services and creative direction of product or lifestyle shoots to boost your brand aesthetic and keep your content fresh and on trend.  I’ve worked as a wedding and event photographer as well as an in-studio portrait photographer for years. Check out my photography page for more info on my shooting style and aesthetic.

Have the imagery but get tongue tied and confused about how to write captions or maximize your posts in order to target the right audience?  Know who you want to sell to but don't know how to tap into that market?  Let me help you execute!  Strategy is tough to build on your own, and it requires intention, goal-setting and a whole lot of work.

I started Good Chance Creative in an effort to combine all of my experiences in the design, social media, photography and digital marketing worlds.

I can assist in post production and copywriting by dialing in your brand voice and keeping your digital presence authentic, engaging and targeted.  I'll consult on brand aesthetic, voice, create style guides for color palette continuity and typography rules.  I'll examine your target market and goal audience while creating digital marketing campaigns that capture exactly who you're seeking.  I can give you comprehensive data analytics on how your posts are performing and ways we can work together to improve your numbers. No matter your marketing goals, whether it's driving traffic to your location, selling a product, building your brand awareness, or just creating an engaging following, I can assist or fully manage.  Want to run away and hide and let me do it all for you?  I'm DOWN!

Just want a nice hand designed wedding invitation or cool drawing for your wall?  I do those too.  Need a logo?  I got you.

Let's do some good stuff.  All businesses have different marketing needs, and I can tailor to you.  Contact me to see how I can help leverage your brand's good :)


Kelsey Chance